Health care Tourism in Thailand

With its throbbing global capital, endless strings of islands, and coveted tropical climate, Thailand has long been at the best of the record of appealing tourist destinations. Acknowledged as Siam till 1939, Thailand is one of the only countries in South-East Asia by no means to have been colonized by overseas rule, giving it a distinctive and wealthy tradition. Thailand offers visitors a vast array of pursuits to entice just about any traveler–from the energizing nightlife in Bangkok, to the traditions of the Hill-Tribes in the North, and the rest identified on one particular of its a lot of white sand beach locations, Thailand is sure to delight whomever crosses its borders.

The jet-set and backpackers alike have blazed a trail by way of this tropical wonderland for many years, which is a benefit to each the Thai financial system and the curious wanderers. Thailand is now distinguishing alone in a new and rapidly expanding travel specialized niche: that of health care tourism.

Medical tourism, which fairly merely, is touring to a foreign location to get health care therapy, is not a new concept. Overall health vacation can be documented as significantly back again as the ancient Greeks who would travel to the Mediterranean for remedy and leisure. Rich eighteenth-century Europeans also partook of remedy overseas–an early form of health vacation and medical tourism, in the type of visits to sanatoriums for a break and leisure, and to spa towns known for the healing qualities of their mineral waters.

The exorbitant expense of non-public overall health treatment in the west, as effectively as prolonged waits for a lot of procedures, are forcing an growing variety of individuals to go away their residence countries in lookup of cost-effective medical treatment. Thailand is at the leading of the record for well being remedy simply because of the extensive selection of services that are accessible, the quickness with which solutions can be received, and the comparatively minimal price tag for processes.

In the past two many years, cosmetic medical procedures paved the way for healthcare treatment overseas: it provided a way for men and women to have a “holiday getaway” whilst they underwent a nip or a tuck, and to return hunting revived and refreshed. Thailand turned a well-liked location for these cosmetic holiday seasons due to the fact of its tropical local weather and idyllic scenery. But, as well being treatment fees in the west soar, and waiting around time for a lot of processes expand more time every month, Thailand has expanded the quantity of companies it gives, and has distinguished itself as a single of the top places for healthcare tourism.

There is an extensive record of overall health travel treatments available in Thailand. Almost everything from cosmetic techniques, LASIK eye surgical procedure, orthopedic functions such as knee and hip replacements, to more intense remedy for most cancers, organ transplants, cardiac surgery, and even drug and alcohol rehabilitation can be located right here. Thailand also has a host of option and indigenous health-related treatment options that several individuals find as an choice for managing an sickness. Thai massage for case in point, which is a really distinct and energetic kind of massage is a useful way to augment other healthcare procedures.

Detractors of treatment abroad will say that the good quality of treatment and protection standards in other international locations, notably third world international locations like Thailand, are merely not as very good as what you will discover in the Western planet. This is patently untrue. There are international organizations that regulate medical tourism, as well as businesses that place jointly health care tourism packages only with accepted and accredited medical doctors and hospitals. A lot of of Thailand’s medical professionals have acquired their degrees and post-diploma instruction in North America and Europe. Therefore, they are acquainted with the high quality of care envisioned by Western clients, and this helps guarantee patients that their treatment method abroad will be of the very same good quality that they would acquire in their residence countries.

The expectations of wellness care do range from place to place, and each place has an accreditation and standardization system to guarantee a simple amount of treatment and good quality. As health-related tourism has improved, there are new intercontinental accreditation requirements that preserve cross-border requirements. The operate of this kind of companies are that of a watch-dog to ensure that you get the exact same high quality of treatment when you journey for treatment overseas that you would get in your home country. Several of Thailand’s main hospitals have been qualified by the International Firm for Standardization. If you are worried about specifications and good quality of well being (as you should be when going through any treatment method), you might want to retain the services of a company to place with each other a medical tourism deal for you. These organizations fully vet and endorse the hospitals and agencies with which they deal, easing the peace of brain of the individual.

Just as the top quality of hospitals varies in your property nation, it does in Thailand as well. For instance, if you are in the United States and have cancer, the Mayo Clinic is 1 of the best areas to go, but you are unlikely to get Mayo Clinic caliber treatment method at a modest nation clinic. Not all hospitals in any country are produced equivalent, but it is attainable to get Western good quality overall health treatment in Thailand, and this may possibly be a a lot more useful avenue to go after than to get treatment method in your property country.

Tomislav Wu is an specialist advisor on treatment abroad and regular contributor to Health care Tourism Weblog.
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