Searching for the Best Seafood in San Antonio

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Seafood is a given on virtually every single restaurant menu, but there are some areas that pride themselves on delivering a good selection of the quite freshest catch. Sure, there are lots of your run-of-the-mill seafood eating places, but we had been in search of a nice institution, one that offered an sophisticated and tranquil ambiance, fantastic services and the really best seafood in San Antonio. This was going to be very a challenge!

This evaluation took above 6 months of ingesting at a wide selection of seafood dining establishments. My companions and I ventured into some rustic out-of-the-way shrimp homes, some national chains and also some of the most expensive and nicest eateries, but all were broadly considered to be the ideal seafood restaurants in San Antonio. All in all, we visited more than thirty eating places ranging from seafood-only, to sushi, to fancy steakhouses.

Given our criteria, we rapidly taken out a huge portion of the seafood-only dining establishments from consideration. These that have been eliminated, have been accomplished so primarily since their ambiance just was not up to par. When I am out with pals or loved ones, I can acknowledge a everyday d├ęcor, loud music or even a concept… but not for this review. Many of the eating places that fell in this class have been embellished with tacky photographs and colours that nearly made you truly feel like you ended up eating on the deck of a pirate’s ship. Other seafood-only restaurants that efficiently manufactured it previous our ‘ambiance’ requirements, fell limited on the and ‘quiet’ and ‘service’ component of our assessment.

Despite the fact that my companions and I are massive proponents of sushi and eat it weekly at distinct sushi dining places through the city, we realized that for the objective of this evaluation we had to get rid of them from thought. However, not everyone in San Antonio shares our enthusiasm for the largely uncooked delicacies at these superb Japanese dining places. A big part of our favourite sushi restaurants would not have satisfied our ‘elegant’ ambiance conditions in any case.

So it arrived down to judging the extravagant steakhouses for their seafood in San Antonio. Really frankly, most of them efficiently exhibited the ‘nice, quiet and elegant’ element of our ‘ambiance’ group and the provider at most of them was impeccable. It was heading to appear down to the seafood. To be truthful, I ordered the lobster at all 6 of the steakhouses on my checklist and my companions usually requested their prime marketing fish. All of them presented a selection of seafood appetizers of some kind, so we selected two of people each and every time.

All of the fresh Maine lobsters I purchased were normally scrumptious, but there ended up a couple of standouts. The properly glorious lobster combination of plump, sweet and juicy only took place at two restaurants and only one of the two actually set by itself apart with its appetizers and the wine pairings. My buddies, astonishingly, also decided that their favourite fish choices also matched my restaurant of choice for best refreshing Maine lobster. This restaurant’s North Atlantic Salmon filet, broiled with lemon butter and capers and its diver scallops, with their best sear and served with a tasty honey balsamic glaze with a trace of raspberry, proved to be the winners as properly.

Bonus points were awarded to individuals steakhouses that experienced a server or sommelier that efficiently paired a nice wine with our dishes. Getting indigenous San Antonians, we also awarded bonus details to those steakhouses that ended up born in or all around San Antonio. All of the extravagant steakhouses that we went to surely supplied a good eating expertise, so like Leading Chef judges, we reviewed them all, when compared notes and in the finish, it was remarkably easy to come up with our champion.

Our winner turned out to be a domestically-owned prime steakhouse with two locations, one particular in San Antonio and yet another in New Braunfels. Both places excel at every thing that we ended up looking for with regard to ambiance, provider and taste.

There are a great deal of seafood eating places in San Antonio, but if you might be seeking for the greatest seafood in town, think ‘prime steakhouse’ because for seafood… the winner of our overview is the one particular you ought to check out.

Myron’s Key was just named winner of San Antonio Greatest Steakhouse for 2012. Whether or not it is the bone-in ribeye, the new Maine lobster or a good bottle of wine that you crave, we’ll make positive that your dining encounter with us will be one particular to bear in mind. Myron’s Primary Steakhouse has two locations. locally-owned, San Antonio steakhouse.
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