Spa Glossary – A to Z

Know the big difference among acupuncture and acupressure? How about Shiatsu and Watsu? The spa entire world is loaded with a dizzying assortment of phrases and processes. Subsequent is a sample glossary, many thanks to Spa Finder, to assist spa-goers talk and understand the lingo with simplicity.

Utilised to promote the movement of energy in the physique, acupressure is a standard Chinese strain-stage massage.

Administered making use of needles, a reduced-voltage electrical recent, or acupressure, acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing strategy primarily based on Taoist philosophy.

Body Wrap
Organic entire body wraps protect the customer in a cocoon-like form with strips of cloth soaked in herbal teas. Sea mud human body wraps use mineral essential-wealthy mud to cleanse and hydrate the physique.

Complementary drugs
As opposed to substitute drugs which replaces traditional therapies, complementary medication uses remedies and therapies in conjunction with classic drugs.

Vacation spot Spa
Home that focuses on enhancing one’s life style, boosting health, and creating self-renewal in the business of other like-minded folks.

European Facial
A treatment method that consists of deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, and a skilled face therapeutic massage, followed by a mask that hydrates the pores and skin.

The buzzword that describes a issue with, or promotion of, environmentalism by way of recycling, creation of biogradable merchandise, or reducing pollution.

Sizzling Stone Remedy
A treatment method in which darkish, smooth stones are heated in hot drinking water and then positioned or stroked lightly on essential locations of the entire body.

The Worldwide Spa Association, which represents all facets of the spa market.

Lymph Drainage
A kind of massage meant to promote circulation in the lymph technique to drain absent excessive fluids and trapped toxic compounds.

Healthcare Spa
These are vacation spot or day spas that provide classic and complementary healthcare services like beauty processes, diagnostic testing, and preventative care.

Meals developed with out the use of chemical substances of any kind, like expansion hormones, pesticides, and fertilizers.

Created by Joseph Pilates, this is a human body conditioning program that develops flexibility and toughness through managed movements and specially-developed exercise tools.

Qi Gong (or Chi Gung or Chi Kung)
A group of Chinese self-therapeutic workouts, the time period Qi Gong will come from qi (strength) and gong (accomplishment that will come from practice). The exercises incorporate easy movements, respiration, and mental imagery to chill out and bolster the body and thoughts.

Salt Glow
Employed to exfoliate and encourage circulation, skin is rubbed with coarse salt blended with fragrant oils.

This therapeutic massage strategy developed in Japan makes use of applied stress to particular human body factors to encourage and unblock meridians, or pathways via which power is said to circulation.

Thai Therapeutic massage
With a consumer dressed in total apparel, this remedy entails yoga-like stretching and force-level therapeutic massage to launch blocked vitality, reduce tension, and improve awareness.

Vichy Shower
Meant to hydrate the physique and boost circulation, the Vichy shower was inspired by therapies in the French thermal spa town. It entails a customer lying beneath a spray of heat water designed by a five- to seven-head shower system.

This treatment achieves deep relaxation in the consumer via rhythmic movements and a pressure-point therapeutic massage administered by a therapist in a warm pool.

Aimed at self-development and self-realization, the bodily apply of yoga utilizes positions, deep breathing, and meditation to stretch and tone the body.

A university of Mahayana Buddhism that asserts enlightenment can be accomplished through meditation, self-contemplation, and instinct by concentrating on one’s crucial nature.

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