The Poker Game

The late evening poker game at Felix Hurdsman’s suite was a very prestigious higher-stakes affair. The prospective for significant losses was excellent for inadequate players, and even greater for the much better types.

There are a lot of tales about the consequences of beating the pants off of one’s manager in aggressive game titles like gambling and golfing. Few of the newer players survived to turn out to be aged regulars at Felix’s table. Even though he would get enraged at the recommendation that any individual was allowing him earn, beating him at poker was like a demise sentence.

Thankfully for most of his VPs, Felix failed to enjoy golf. He not only couldn’t physically perform owing to his reduction of lung potential, but he hated the recreation with a passion. Chasing a minor white ball close to in the weeds was not his notion of a great time. If there was organization to do on the golfing training course, Felix would be the one particular waiting around back at the clubhouse when everybody was accomplished swinging his bonny nibbler.

As the golfers staggered in, sweaty and thirsty, he would be at the bar with hors d’oeuvres and beverages. By the time Felix left the golf system, the double eagles he had scored have been the type seen on the backs of American gold coins.

Poker, on the other hand, was a diverse make a difference entirely.

Felix was known to convey contempt for the truth poker match exhibits popular on television. He not only thought the gamers have been lame, but sneered at how a lot of wore sunglasses so no 1 would see them blink when they were trying to bluff.

As soon as, some of the senior vice presidents experienced conned an up-and-coming new regional vice president named Jason Fielder into sitting down to Felix’s poker desk putting on sun shades. The VPs told Jason that Felix liked to engage in a tough recreation, and that apparent tells in the other players irritated him.

The senior VPs had made the decision that bad Jason was a bit also up-and-coming and essential to be demonstrated the place his location was in the larger scheme of items. As Felix dealt the 1st hand, no cards were presented to Jason.

“Oh, Mr. Hurdsman, I believe you forgot to deal me in,” advised Jason meekly.

Felix seemed up from his cards at Jason as if looking at him for the first time and remarked, “Oh, is that you, Mr. Fielder? You will find so significantly glare in below from the bright lights, I didn’t see you.”

Felix returned to his cards and overlooked Jason. Finally viewing the prank played on him, Jason excused himself and remaining the space. Even more development never ever came for Jason Fielder.

Felix operated below the belief that his initial program of motion was profitable, no matter what the value. If that failed to function, then dishonest was the 2nd program. He manufactured certain that there were loads of interruptions and temptations in his suite. Phone girls, gigolos, liquor and medicines ended up the mainstays. Cerbere was generally in attendance observing for more than indulgers or troublemakers.

If someone fell more than the cliff edge towards idiocy from way too significantly booze, cocaine or the two, a single of the individuals of negotiable affections would see to it that the govt was tucked safely and securely into mattress in whatever area was closest to Felix’s suite. It was always regarded bad taste to see a senior VP staggering down a hallway arm in arm with an evident supermodel. That tended to develop uncomfortable queries or responses at lunch the subsequent working day. Felix knew nicely how to protect his back and, when essential, the backsides of individuals under him.


Fpink Frangelico stared at the gold-embossed official invitation in his hands as he stood outside Felix Hurdsman’s suite.

Anything isn’t really appropriate listed here, thought Fred as he ran his finger together the gold leaf edging on the card. Why would any of us from Milltown be invited to Hurdsman’s infamous poker recreation? Sure, we experienced for the Conference, but none of us are huge ample producers to should have one thing like this! Besides all of that, I would be a single of the very last folks Mr. Hurdsman would want in his poker sport. What was Luís pondering? Stepping forward, he knocked, hoping no one would solution.

The door shortly opened just before him, revealing Cerbere Kuislane donning a spectacular, shimmering emerald environmentally friendly night dress. Fred had go through the directions on the card warning that official attire was needed, so he had hurried to the resort’s tux shop and rented one for the evening. Experience geared up, he timidly handed the card to Cerbere.

“You’re a single of the Milltown men and women!” exclaimed Cerbere, sounding like an East Coastline socialite. She gestured for Fred to appear in. “We are SO glad you could attend our tiny accumulating. The recreation will be starting up shortly.”

“Thank you really considerably for inviting me,” replied Fred as he walked into the suite.

“Oh, believe practically nothing of it,” laughed Cerbere. “We get pleasure from mingling with the little people from the subject now and then. It keeps us in contact with our roots! Hmm, I consider I listen to a person else coming. Make sure you come to feel free to get by yourself something to drink.”

Cerbere turned back again toward the door, examining her hair and smile in a mirror on the wall and giving herself a wink as she waited for the subsequent visitor to get there.

Fred noticed the bartender in the next area and moved in that direction. The suite was full of individuals. Most of the faces he identified had been kinds that he’d only seen in the occasional House Business office publication or the once-a-year report. He determined them as senior VPs, expense fund analysts, department heads, and a handful of of the heavy hitters from the wealthiest districts throughout the US.

All people fellas have to do is sit nonetheless for a minute and somebody with more bucks than perception is knocking on their door wanting to acquire one thing. That certainly is a significantly cry from my middleclass American manufacturing unit town, thought Fred resentfully. There are really handful of men and women here who know what it really is like to beg for income in buy to satisfy Business quotas.

Numerous of these higher-administration men and women are the ones who never had to get their arms dirty making any income. A organization diploma magically qualified them to handle without any real palms-on encounter. All they treatment about are the Figures and no matter whether the returns make them search good or bad even though they sit easily in conferences passing judgment on us agents. Tiny question I come to feel so filthy here.

“Indeed, sir, what can I get for you?” questioned the bartender.

“I don’t suppose you have any Milltown Black Lantern Ale?” questioned Fred with any luck ,.

“Uh, regretfully, no, sir, but we do have a assortment of light beers,” replied the male.

“I did not feel you would have any Black Lantern, but I thought I might question in any case,” remarked Fred in disappointment. “Well, how about two fingers of a one malt Scotch on the rocks?”

“Yes, of course,” answered the bartender. “Right here you are, sir. I hope you take pleasure in the celebration.”

“Thank you. I’ll consider,” smiled Fred as he turned to see if there was any location he could conceal.

Out of the blue Fred felt a person just take his arm. Smiling up at him, Cerbere beamed, “Fred, there is certainly an empty chair at Mr. Hurdsman’s poker desk. Would you like to be a part of the match?”

“Oh, I’m positive that Mr. Hurdsman would not be interested in enjoying with me,” replied Fred nervously.

“You could not be much more mistaken!” exclaimed Cerbere as she propelled Fred into the following space. “Mr. Hurdsman likes actively playing with brokers.”

I will wager he does! believed Fred with excellent trepidation as he followed her lead. It is a good factor that I adopted the guidelines on the card and brought a thousand pounds in income with me. Rather a disgrace that I have to spend for my personal execution, however.

As Fred approached the table, he could see Felix Hurdsman chatting amongst the other players. To his surprise, Les Mohr was seated directly throughout from Felix. Fred could listen to Les entertaining the other men at the table with tales of employees C’s sales results for the earlier few months and generating claims of even much better kinds in the long term.

“So, Les, to what would you attribute your meteoric change of fortunes?” requested Godfrey Troubadoure III, chairman of the TICoK Board of Administrators.

“Oh, my achievement is the end result of many years of difficult perform, and a talent for hiring and education hugely efficient agents,” bragged Les. “After I trimmed out the deadwood in my product sales workers, pressured them to operate as a team, and had them carry out the tasks that every one particular was ideal at, the outcome was the development of a lean, indicate marketing machine. They all have a role in acquiring each and every piece of enterprise concluded speedily and efficiently. Our district has not seen product sales final results like mine for more than a ten years.”

“Good guy!” exclaimed Godfrey. “Felix, I feel we need a winner like Les, here, in a position where he can train others to be as achieved as he is!”

“Certainly,” agreed Felix, taking away the huge cigar from his mouth and giving Les a toothy smile. “Perhaps we can discuss Mr. Mohr’s potential at one particular of our Board meetings following we get the fourth quarter product sales outcomes. I’ve usually been one particular for embracing new and efficient income tips.”

“Money idea, Felix!” exclaimed Godfrey. “That is why the Board appreciates having you at the helm!”

“I do my best,” smiled Felix as he returned the cigar to his mouth and commenced shuffling the cards.

“Mr. Hurdsman, sir? I consider I discovered someone to fill that empty chair at your desk,” declared Cerbere as she arrived with Fred.

“Exceptional,” replied Felix, gripping the cigar between his teeth. “Have a seat right here on my right. If my memory does not fall short me, you’re Fred Frangelico from Milltown, correct?”

“I’m extremely amazed that you know my identify, sir,” answered Fred as he sat the place Felix experienced indicated.

“I often hold an eye on our very best brokers, Fred,” flattered Felix. “Now, am I wrong in assuming that you have a thousand in money to pay out for your share of chips?”

Fred knew this was not a question as Cerbere opened a little strongbox presently made up of a huge number of bills. Fred quickly achieved into his coat pocket, pulled out an envelope and dropped it in.

“Good, no need to count it, I am certain,” smiled Felix. “Listed here are your chips, Fred. We engage in a straight sport of ace large Five Card Attract Jackpot poker. There are no wild cards or other nonsense. At the finish of each and every hand, the deal passes to the up coming player to the left in rotation.

“I probably do not have to say this, but anybody caught cheating is out of the game and most very likely a occupation, as properly. Does any individual have any questions?”

Hearing none, Felix shuffled the deck once again and handed it to Fred for the lower.

1 of the very first things that Fred noticed about Felix’s working was how he held the cards.

Hmm, he uses the Mechanics Grip! thought Fred. That by itself just isn’t a difficulty, but that way of keeping the deck helps make card manipulation significantly easier. I’ll have to keep an eye on how he deals.

Fred divided the deck in 50 %, inserting the bottom 50 % on the prime as Felix viewed very carefully, then slid the deck again to Felix. Felix picked the cards up off the table, gave Fred a smile and commenced dealing the cards.

“Has everybody anteed up?”

(Excerpt from The Worst Kind of Lies and reprinted with authorization from the writer, John Patrick Lamont).

(At first released at GoArticles and reprinted with permission from the creator, John Patrick Lamont).

John Patrick Lamont is creator of The Worst Variety of Lies, the initial novel in his Sum of Lifestyle Trilogy. His novels offer with company corruption in the insurance sector. To find out more about his writing, study reviews and download excerpts, make sure you visit J. Patrick Lamont or Sum of Existence Publications.
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