Why I like becoming a trainer in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vivid and thriving city. It truly is an economic powerhouse and has been for many years. It’s a hub of travel and commerce for the world’s greatest continent, which makes it a metropolis complete of chance. The town has it really is share of difficulties, even though. There’s a whole lot of aged money there and you will find a darkish facet to the vivid street existence.

So for any person who would like to train English in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, it’s essential to know the rewards and negatives of working and dwelling there. First, the positive aspects…


Income and Advantages

Teaching in Asia is normally an knowledge, but not always a seem financial selection. The salaries have a tendency to be extremely good in contrast to the value of living, but usually are not very good for saving funds in one’s indigenous currency.

Hong Kong, on the other hand, has reasonably high regular monthly salaries, even for English teachers. A teacher can count on to make anyplace from 2500 to 6000 USD for each thirty day period, which interprets into some serious cost savings if that teacher manages to dwell frugally.


Hong Kong itself is now a portion of mainland China, so many regions of the mainland are obtainable by land vacation (however travelers may possibly still call for a visa). You will find also a peppering of islands close to Hong Kong alone which are wonderful weekend getaways. And Macau – the Las Vegas of Asia – is just a brief ferry ride away.
All this just scratches the floor of Hong Kong’s journey prospective. The Hong Kong Worldwide Airport is a single of the biggest, busiest airports in the globe. Flights arrive and go 24-hours a working day, 365 times a yr. It truly is also the central hub of numerous Hong Kong based airways. All this interprets into plentiful flights for deal rates, opening up all of Asia in the approach.


Hong Kong is a fusion of east and west in all the ideal methods. A prolonged colonial historical past in which Europeans freely mingled with the locals resulted in a fantastically multicultural city. Foodstuff and products from all above the globe are conveniently accessible.
The people of Hong Kong are also really proud of their roots. Chinese lifestyle is celebrated in festivals, meals, songs and film. The Hong Kong film sector is one of the most prolific in the entire world. There are lots of opportunities to see a Chinese opera or a dragon dance, or a jazz band or contemporary dance efficiency. There is certainly plenty to see and do.


Price of Living

Hong Kong is a rich metropolis with a good deal of aged money. Victory Peak on Hong Kong island features the most costly actual estate on the planet. Rents can be really higher for a very good area or a first rate apartment. Foodstuff, specially consuming out, is more pricey that most other Asian international locations. Shopping can be staggeringly pricey for designer items (though unlawful knockoffs can be had for a price reduction).

To offset substantial fees, it’s a very good concept to dwell properly outside the town facilities on Hong Kong island and the Kowloon facet of the harbor. And eat in as much as achievable. Seasonal veggies and clean meats or seafood are quite affordable at classic marketplaces. Just be sure to haggle to avoid the “expat” tax.


Hong Kong’s population is remarkably tense. One condominium blocks can residence the population of a little town. Crowds of slow-transferring buyers weaving between scooters and taxis are commonplace. For an expat utilized to a tiny more space, the city center can feel distinctly claustrophobic. Regrettably, this populace density also desensitizes men and women to the wants of others, resulting in a coldness or rudeness not located in many other Asian nations. And no one particular is impressed with expats. For anyone who has traveled to other international locations in Asia and knowledgeable their friendliness, Hong Kong can be a wake up phone to the real entire world.


Hong Kong’s organized crime is legendary. Con artists, counterfeiters, and drug dealers usually focus on non-Chinese. As an expat dwelling in Hong Kong, it would be widespread to be mistaken for a vacationer. Fortunately, violent criminal offense is reasonably uncommon unless of course some thing goes horribly wrong.

To keep away from getting targeted by criminals, keep away from illegal exercise. Only individuals individuals who just take out loans, get involved in contraband like medications and fakes, or make use of prostitutes have anything at all of benefit to criminals. As a rule of thumb, avoid these companies and be well mannered and respectful to absolutely everyone. There’s no use offending locals anyways, and in particular situations it could be somebody quite hazardous.

Closing Views

Hong Kong is genuinely a entire world-course city, with all the ups and downs that involves. It really is energetic and total of possibilities for the formidable and intelligent. For the ambitious but significantly less wise, nonetheless, it could be a very costly and perhaps dangerous area to be. If you should go to Hong Kong to educate English, then be wise, be mindful, and be affluent.

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